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Birthdate:Sep 14
Location:United States of America
I am here mostly to flail over Supernatural and Teen Wolf, and sometimes Game of Thrones and Stargate, including SGU. I mostly fic but dabble in other forms of creation besides that. I run the Multifandom Extreme Big Bang and the Steter Big Bang. I also tend to blog about a lot of Jewish things.

I ship Wincest and Steter mostly, as well as many rare pairs. Destiel and Sterek shippers are welcome here as I am a casual shipper of them both, but be warned, I will call you out on shit if you bring any of that "make it canon" campaigning to my journal.

I love and will defend Scott McCall and Peter Hale both, all the Winchesters including John, Amelia Richardson, Lisa & Ben Braeden, and Jennifer Keller, (among many others), so leave any hate you may have for these characters at the door. Or better yet, don't come in. We'll probably both be happier that way.

Fair warning: I really really really fucking hate the Alpha Twins and Gabriel, and any ships involving any of those characters. You may see some hate towards them here.

Journal policies: I still crosspost to Livejournal for the time being but anticipate turning it into an archive-only one day. Communities are the main reason I'm keeping it active, both comms I run and comms in which I partake. I've turned commenting off at LJ, so all comments shall be made on Dreamwidth (unless, of course, I've posted in an LJ comm).

Friending policies: anyone is welcome to subscribe to my journal. I'll most likely subscribe right back, but I don't grant access to everyone. Fandom posts are always unlocked/for public viewing. Personal posts are friends access-only.

Works policies: As of Summer 2013, I post all fic to AO3, and all fan mixes to 8tracks (if you want to download one of my mixes, you can do that at the really awesome site Gif sets and other graphics will be posted to Tumblr, and vids will be on YouTube (if I ever get around to making them anymore). I do post announcements here about my fic, vids, mixes, etc. so there'll be space here to comment (if you like) if you don't have an account with one of those sites. If you're interested in doing remixes or podfic of my work, please ask me first. If you use one of my icons or graphics on your own site/journal/blog, please give credit.

Other policies: I am very much a "ship and let ship" kind of person, but in my own personal space here, I reserve the right (and will use it) to criticize characters, ships, and canon events as I see fit. I certainly won't bring that "hate" where it's not welcome, and I will definitely endeavor to not be that much of an asshole, but by jove I will talk about whatever shit I like in my own journal.
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